Six Great Summer Alternatives to Going Sleeveless

Six Great Summer Alternatives to Going Sleeveless

The minute the sun comes out we all have reason to celebrate and throw off the layers of clothes we’ve been wearing to keep ourselves warm. But if your arms are anything but summer-ready, you may want to keep them covered while still staying cool.

Try these six great alternatives to going sleeveless this summer and still look effortlessly stylish.

Shrug It Off

Or in this case, shrug it on! A shrug is a hugely useful garment if you just want a little more coverage, as it is designed to cover the upper part of your back and the tops of your arms. Essentially, it is like a summer bolero and can look great over a dress or strappy top.

Six Great Summer Alternatives to Going Sleeveless

Bare Less with a Bodysuit

If you want to cover your arms and stay safe from the sun at any stage of the year, a bodysuit is a great option. It can be worn under just about everything, from maxi dresses to vests and loose lacy tops.

Go Sheer with a Shirt

If you have a sheer or very light fabric shirt that would usually be worn with a camisole underneath it, why not wear it over a top or under a dress? You’ll need to ensure that it doesn’t make you look bulky, so loose-fitting maxi dresses are a better option here if you’re considering layering with the shirt underneath.

Kick Back in a Kimono

Kimonos have become highly fashionable recently, and they look great over AX Paris maxi dresses or over a skinny top or mini dress. You can choose a contrasting colour to really make a statement, or you can mix and match fabrics to create a layered style that’s on trend.

Lovely in Lace

Lace is a hugely versatile fabric, and if you want to cover up a little more but still show some skin, a lace cardigan can look lovely. You can also opt for a lace short- or long-sleeve top underneath a dress or don a lacy shrug instead.

Go for a Gilet

A long- or three-quarter-sleeve gilet always looks great over a dress or short-sleeve top and pants, and if you can find one in sheer fabric, even better. Gilets don’t have to be hot at all, and chiffon, mesh or lace will look lovely.

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