A beginner’s guide to ductwork

The best way to transport air from one place to another is through a tube with.  A network of tubes to distribute air where you want it, it becomes possible to efficiently.  Centralize your heating, cooling, humidity and air quality control technologies that combine heating, ventilation, and other air.  Conditioning functions are called HVAC and the network of tubes they use is called ductwork.  Can supply cool air in a hot climate, warm air in a cold climate, remove dust.

Or cooking odours, or deliver fresh filtered air ducts can be constructed in a variety of ways.  The Romans were famously fond of conveying heated air under their suspended villa floors ceiling voids.  And the channels between wall studs have also been used flexible wire with a heavy paper.  Covering is often used for short runs, usually for stale air extraction such as that from.  Cooker hoods and tumble dryers however, the most efficient and cost-effective hvac ductwork is made from.

Lightweight spirally fabricated metal tubing known as spiral duct.

A beginner's guide to ductwork

Advantages of spiral ductwork

Air contains many pollutants. Most people are aware of the hazards of dust, pollen, pet dander and cooking fumes. Fewer are aware of the air hazards generated by printers, fax machines, cosmetics and synthetic fabrics. Add to this the unseen hazards of bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. An HVAC system is an opportunity to do away with these hazards, but not if they accumulate inside the ducts themselves.

A huge advantage of spiral ducts such as https://www.dustspares.co.uk/ductwork-parts/galvanised-steel-spiral-duct.html is cleanliness. They smooth airflow and resist dust settling. Standard easy-fit connections make it simple to connect air filters and inspection hatches and it can be vacuum cleaned if necessary.

Modern ductwork forms tight seals, making your system energy-efficient, and preventing stale or unclean air leaking out where it is not wanted.


Ducts take up a fair amount of space. Fortunately, the fittings used to mount spiral duct are space-saving, allowing it to be less intrusive than older ductwork.

Metal conducts heat. This means ducts conveying hot air lose some of their heat and those conveying cold air may let it warm somewhat before it reaches its outlet. However, this can be an advantage, helping to distribute the warming or cooling to a wider space. If this is not desirable, the ducts can be insulated.

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